T1ki has always had community at its heart. Founded in 2022. our aim was to build a community where people could find electronic's & tech, everything they needed. What we created was the first online electronic's classifieds platform in Pakistan – a space where people could come together to help each other. 

Today, T1ki remains one of Pakistan largest electronic's online classified's sites serving communities up and down the Pakistan, helping people find what they need most, affordably and locally. T1ki provides a platform for people to connect around a life stage, a need, a pastime, passion or interest, fuelling their passion. 

So whether it’s a buyer for that “thing” you no longer need, a new phone to get you started or new laptop, T1ki makes Good things happen.

Our vision & mission

At T1ki, we help make Good things happen. From great deals that save you a few extra ruppees, to finding a buyer who will enjoy something as much as you did.

It’s all our responsibility to make sure getting a Good Find is always simple, easy, and enjoyable, so we can build a culture where people share more and waste less. We’re committed to building a recommerce culture in the Pakistan. We believe it’s good for business, for society and for the planet.

We help bring buyer's & seller's together, let's make it happen.